Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Salt and Sanctuary - because Dark Souls as a title was already taken

Rating : 8/10 (So Far)

                     Salt and Sanctuary is a tough game.  It really is.  As a simple side scroller, you will battle many undead enemies, large animals, and very large bosses that will leave you so frustrated and will give you much hope in beating.  When you finally do beat them, you kind of just set the controller down and just bask in your victory.  

                     Set in very stereotypical dungeons or castles or in villages with low lighting and many enemies, you scroll and jump and fight many creatures.  Bats, rabid rats, undead, etc will stand in your way, albeit only temporarily, or reaching the boss or a tough enemy.  If you perish, the Salt you gain from killing enemies is taken by that enemy.  If you die before you kill that enemy, you lose that Salt forever. 

                     I've only reached level 3, and finally killed the first main boss after about 20-25 tries.  Then I moved on to a castle where I couldn't get in and had to find a new route.  The Sanctuaries you free will allow you to transport not to the very beginning but to the closest Sanctuary.  A mysterious stranger/monk brings you back to the alter of life after you fail once again, for a small fee of gold of course.  You have chances to build new weapons and armor.  You can even build upon the extensive leveling tree. 

                     The amount of time I've wasted on the first couple of areas and the sheer frustration has left me in awe.  The mechanics are solid.  The story a bit convoluted.  The sounds and sights are perfect for a side scrolling dungeon game.  Your diminutive size and puny power leaves a real sense of accomplishment in defeating the bosses.  Nothing has made me swear more or get more frustrated in a game since Dark Scrolls 2.  And nothing has made me feel more accomplished in defeating an enemy than Dark Scrolls 2 since. 

                    So far, 5 hours or so in to the game, I give it an 8 out of 10.  Check back for more updates and further reviews.